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We've confirmed that all those who were to post have already done so. If you had promised mix/art, and you HAVE posted it, please send it over so we can add it to the list.

We're so happy that you took the time to participate, whether by writing, making a mix, drawing, or even just viewing the work. It's been a bit of bumpy ride (especially with these mods! Terrible drivers, they are), but we're still so delighted. Thank you so much, you've all been fabulous! We're a little bummed that not everyone got their mix/art, though.

All the work is listed in the handy table below (any mistakes, please point it out in a comment!). If you haven't got a chance to read, view or listen to the other works, please take the time. If you haven't xposted as yet, please go ahead! Spread the PXP joy!

Once again, thanks so much. :D


Author Link to Fic Media Creator Media
_slashygoodness "Misfortune's Child" - -
dazi_li "Sucker" coricomile Art
megyal "I Shall Either Find A Way (Or Make One)" hybiscus Art
coricomile "couldn't come around" elessar Mix
skipstoomuch "Fear of Flight" mickety_split Mix
misfitish "Through The Looking Glass" xlindziex Art
gcbenjigal "A World We Must Defend" xlindziex Art
jdmcool "Don't Think I'm Wasting Your Time" fall_out_nurse Mix
languisity "Come Lay Low and Love Me" - -
ribbonsonwrists "If You've Got Some Sugar For Me..." megyal Mix
justtothesea "(drip, drip, drop) little april shower" languisity Mix
dancinbutterfly "Hope He Is a Gentleman" mickety_split & sly_fuck Mix & Cover
ladyfoxxx "There And Gone" sly_fuck & skipstoomuch Banner & Fanart


Closing soon!

We're about to close this round of the Flashbang; we're just tagging the entries, and possibly waiting on one last fic (or not!), so in a few days we'll have a proper closing post.

We're pretty delighted with the fic and media that were posted. We don't have words to tell you all how grateful and happy we are, and I'm sure others who read and viewed the works feel the same!

Your mods


THERE AND GONE; ladyfoxxx

Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 11 840 words
Rating/Warnings: NC 17
Summary: Patrick works for the government. Pete is a spy who seduces him. Title and inspiration from The Decemberists' "The Bagman's Gambit".
A/N: Hugest thanks to romanticalgirl and graciexmae for invaluable beta turned around lightning fast. This is all villiagegreen's fault, for not only introducing me to The Decemberists but also twisting my arm to enter the pxp_flashbang in the first place.

Master Post:
There And Gone

Spectacular Banner by sly_fuck

Wonderful Art by skipstoomuch
Word Count: ~17,800
Rating: R
Warning: near canon AU
Summary: “’That’s it?’ Seriously?" Bill demands. “I'm getting you backstage to a Patrick Stump concert. Years of listening to you extol his musical genius and I quote ‘perfectly fuckable mouth’ and this is the thanks I get? Dude, your gratitude. It’s boundless.”

Master Post:
i could be an accident but i'm still trying

Fanmix: Your Biggest Fan by mickety_split
Cover Art by sly_fuck
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Pete/others
Word Count: 7,480
Rating/Warnings: PG, contains some mentions of alcohol and prescription drugs.
Summary: Wing!fic set in the wake of their hiatus. In which Pete doesn’t deal well with the break, has a ring that no one seems to want, and Patrick gets his wings.
Notes: I finished it for Sarah♥, thanks and dedication notes are in the header, the really huge header.

Master Post:
I'm a loose bolt of a complete machine

Mix by languisity
Title: If You've Got Some Sugar For Me...
Rating/Warnings: R. Implied sex, swearing, Gabe Saporta.
Word Count: 7022
Summary: Patrick is tired of dating losers. When he gets talked into joining a website of sugar daddies looking for lovers to spoil, he has no intention of doing more than finding a little fun. Pete, of course, has other plans.
Author's Notes: Title and cut text from Sugar Daddy from the amazing movie Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Basic premise lifted from an AIM conversation with kittygrenade as were 99.99% of my PxP prompts. This, like most of my recent fic, is for her, the girl who was a friend, a muse and a real life angel until she joined them herself. I hope in heaven, LJ's servers never go down. I miss you. Thank you. For everything.

Master Post: Everything you bring me got me drippin' like a honeycomb.

Mix and Album art by megyal

Fic: Come Lay Low and Love Me

Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 3,005
Rating/Warnings: PG, contains non-sexual kink (animal play)
Note: In the same 'verse as my BBB fic Love and a Bit with a Dog, FYI. You don't need to read that for this, though.
Summary: The funny thing is that when Pete is Patrick's pet-- and, really that concept never quite stops being strange to Patrick; it isn't enough to comment on, but sometimes he wonders just how this is his life-- he's actually less trouble than Pete just being Patrick's boyfriend. Relatively, anyway.

Master Post:

Currently unavailable.

A World We Must Defend; gcbenjigal

Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 5,427...ish.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for swearing more than anything.
Summary: Pete is a Pokémon trainer just starting off on his journey to the Indigo League in hopes of becoming a pokemon master. Along the way he challenges and loses to Patrick, another rookie trainer, but one with far more knowledge and natural talent than Pete.

Master Post: Here

Art by the worderful xlindziex . Go hither and tell her how amazing she is.

Through The Looking Glass, misfitish

Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Pete/Ashlee
Word Count: 5465 words
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: After tripping into a mirror in his parent’s attic, Pete Wentz finds himself in a world much like the world he grew up in, except here, he’s married to Patrick, not Ashlee, and Bronx was never born. Pete quickly decides he needs to get back to his own world, and get the Pete of this world back, but the question is… how?

Master Post:
Through The Looking Glass

Art by the very lovely xlindziex 

Welcome to pxp_flashbang!

This community was created to be a fun challenge like a big bang, centering on Pete/Patrick but keeping the word count fairly low.


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